Valentines Day

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Kindness in words creates confidence,
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness,
Kindness in giving creates love.
Happy Valentines Day!

Length: 138 Chrs

Before I met you,
I never realized how empty my life was..
Wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day!

Length: 101 Chrs

Its the Month of
Kisses n Surprises..
Proposals n Dates..
Chocolates n Gifts..
Hugs n Love Songs..
Its February.!!
Wishing you a Love filled Valentine Month.

Length: 158 Chrs

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Have a heart that never hardens,
and a temper that never tires,
and a touch that never hurts.
Happy Valentines Day!

Length: 119 Chrs

Now that I have you
I have nothing to fear
But I always think you will leave
So I will try to keep you near
Happy Valentines Day!

Length: 129 Chrs

Sweeter than the sugar candies..
Lovelier than the red roses..
More huggable than soft toys..
thats what you are for me..
Happy Valentines Day!

Length: 143 Chrs

This Valentines Day
I want to lay you down
On a bed of roses..
And make love to you,
like it was the end of the world.
Happy Valentines Day!

Length: 145 Chrs

Just wanted to thank you for
the warmth of your friendship
and to wish you a
Very Happy Valentines Day!

Length: 106 Chrs

Mobile without signal
Facebook without friends
Gmail without emails
These are all strange, but none of them are as weird
as ME without U
Happy Valentines Day

Length: 160 Chrs

Valentines Day FREE Service for Lovers
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Order ur KISS, I will personally go and deliver it.

Length: 151 Chrs