Thinking of You

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If I had a single flower for every moment I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.. Thinking of you always..

Length: 121 Chrs

It isn't always easy,
but when you are not feeling well..
hope it helps to know others are
thinking of you..
and hoping that you will be better very soon..

Length: 155 Chrs

I just wanted to let you know
I have been thinking of you,
Wondering how you have been
And praying for you too..

Length: 112 Chrs

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My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it is surprising how often they head in your direction.. :)

Length: 100 Chrs

One day I caught myself
smiling for no reason..
then I realized I was
thinking of..
thinking of you..

Length: 124 Chrs

When you give importance to
they think that
you are always free..
they don't understand that
you make yourself
available for them every time..

Length: 154 Chrs