Fools Day

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Happy Republic Day..
Oh No, Happy NATIONAL Day..
Oh I forget, Happy ANNIVERSARY..
Oh my God.. Happy NEW Year..
oops its your BDay..
Happy Birthday to You!

Length: 158 Chrs

I trust you not to pull any April Fool's Day pranks because I trust you'll still think it's March..

Length: 99 Chrs

Last night, I saw you walking on the road. You simply looked amazing, your face was so innocent. I couldn't resist myself the urge to sing, Who let the dog out?

Length: 160 Chrs

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To the BIGGEST FOOL I know!
Happy April Fool's Day..

Length: 52 Chrs

Hey! Wanted to say a quick good bye! 'Coz I just decided to go on a world tour! Don't know when I'll be back! Hope you'll take care of everything till I return.

Length: 160 Chrs

A fool may be known by five things:
anger without cause
speech without profit
change without progress
inquiry without object
and mistaking foes for friends.

Length: 156 Chrs

If somebody says:
You are genius
You are intelligent
You are smart
You are cute
Than give a big slap and tell..
Today is 25th March

Length: 156 Chrs

Fact1: You cannot touch your lower lip with your tongue..
Fact2: After reading this, 99/100 idiots would try it..
You too.. Happy Fools Day..

Length: 141 Chrs

I am fool..
I am fool..
I am fool..
I am fool..
I am fool..
I Agree you are a FOOL..
Control yourself..
Happy April Fool Wishes..

Length: 140 Chrs