Elephant and Ant

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One male Elephant and another female Elephant was waiting for Bus. The male entered the bus and the female did not enter. Why?
Ans: coz its a ladies only bus

Length: 157 Chrs

Elephant & Ant were walking on a bridge.
Then the Elephant looked down the river.
Suddenly Ant bit the Elephant.
coz Ants wife was bathing in the river.

Length: 155 Chrs

One day some hunters were behind the Elephant.
Elephant called Ant.
Suddenly Ant came for help and she said:
Don't Worry. Just Hide Behind Me!

Length: 143 Chrs

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One day Elephant and Ant went for swimming in a nearby pool.
But they didn't swim together.. Why?
Ans: Because they have only one swim suite.

Length: 142 Chrs

Q: An Elephant was standing in a queue.
Suddenly he turns back & says something to the Ant standing behind him?
What does he say?
A: Please do not push me!

Length: 159 Chrs

Ant & Elephant was going to a restaurant, on the way they found another Ant asking lift, but they refused. Why??
Ans: coz traffic rule allows only 2 in a bike.

Length: 159 Chrs

Q: Why Did the Elephant hide behind the Plum tree?
A: The Elephant and the Ant were playing hide and seek.

Length: 113 Chrs

One day.. Elephant and Ant went for a ride.
Suddenly they met with an accident, but only Elephant got hurt.. Why.?
coz Ant was wearing a helmet.

Length: 150 Chrs

Two Ants went for jogging and on the way they saw an Elephant.
First Ant told, let's beat him.
Q: What did the other Ant told?
A: No. let him go, HE IS ALONE.

Length: 158 Chrs

Once 5 Elephants went to swim and in the pool a video camera was placed underwater. The camera captured only 16 legs. Why?
Ans: Because 1 was doing a backstroke

Length: 160 Chrs