Earth Day

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Earth provides enough
to satisfy every man's need . .
But not every mans greed . .
Happy Earth Day!

Length: 102 Chrs

Never Miss this Chance
to Thank our Earth..
It gave us birth..
It gave us life..
Happy Earth Day !

Length: 101 Chrs

Lets join hands on Earth Day,
to make our Earth a better place to live in..
Wish you a Happy Earth Day!

Length: 104 Chrs

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Plant a Tree today and
Make the life of the Earth
much longer . . . .
Wish you a Happy Earth Day.!

Length: 100 Chrs

If we do not Permit
the Earth to produce
Beauty and Joy..
At the End it will not
Produce Food, either.
Happy Earth Day!

Length: 122 Chrs