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Ant & Elephant was going to a restaurant, on the way they found another Ant asking lift, but they refused. Why??
Ans: coz traffic rule allows only 2 in a bike.

Length: 159 Chrs

I wish Moon always be full and bright
and U always be cool and right..
Whenever U go to switch off the light,
Remember that I m wishing U

Length: 149 Chrs

Finding a true best friend
is like finding a pink rose
out of a trillion red ones..
Happy Friendship Day!

Length: 108 Chrs

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Sasi joined as a dtp operator. On the very 1st day he worked till 8 PM. Boss: What you did?
Sasi: Keyboard alphabets were not in order, so I made it alright.

Length: 157 Chrs

You have helped me to fill up all the empty spaces in my life. Life really seems complete with your company. Thanks for all the love and support you gave me.

Length: 157 Chrs

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

Length: 74 Chrs

When I was walking alone,
I wish I could reach the End of the Road..
But when u r walking with me,
I wish the Road never Ends..
Happy Valentines Day!

Length: 152 Chrs

A-Padathinu poyi pidiyilaaya Tintu Monodu Amma: Nee avide kaanan padillatha enthengilum kando?
Tintu Mon: mmmmm..
njan kandu..
njan ACHANE kandu..

Length: 157 Chrs

have chosen the 1st day
of their new life together
as 10 October 2020.
U are invited to share in their joy as they exchange marriage vows
at 2 PM

Length: 159 Chrs