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Truck on over or grab a cab
There is plenty of fun to be had!
Fly a plane or catch a train
This party is sure to entertain!
Join us for NAMEs 5th Bday Party!

Length: 157 Chrs

Friendships are one of the few things that improve with age
The family and friends of
invite you to celebrate his
40th Birthday

Length: 156 Chrs

I cannot think of
any need in
childhood as strong
as the need for a
fathers protection..
Happy Fathers Day!

Length: 111 Chrs

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Thanks for telling me the value of life.
Thanks for showing me the rules to survive.
Thanks for showing how much you care.
Thank You!

Length: 133 Chrs

Thanks for the gift and warm wishes..
Thanks for your lovely presence too..
Hope you enjoyed the party..
Lots of love to you..
Thank You!

Length: 137 Chrs

Engineer1: What is the diameter?
E2: What is the depth?
E3: We have to calculate the stress needed.
E4: Where is my laptop?
E5: Refer few websites.
Tintu Mon: Enthonnade! oru aaniyadikan paranjathinano ithra bahalam..

Length: 217 Chrs

I love to lie down in your arms and listen to your heart beats. It makes me feel that there is someone in this world, whose heart beats only for me. Happy 2015.

Length: 160 Chrs

Night is the best gift..
So open the gift by closing your eyes..
you will see another world waiting for u..
Good Night! Enjoy the Sweetest Dream..

Length: 146 Chrs

My mother, My greatest teacher,
A teacher of compassion,
Love and Fearlessness.
If love is sweet as a flower,
Then my mother is
that sweet flower of love.

Length: 159 Chrs

I trust you not to pull any April Fool's Day pranks because I trust you'll still think it's March..

Length: 99 Chrs